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Goggles – Zoggs Predator Flex

I have problems with goggles and have purchased numerous pairs to find some that fit me.  I have found the best ones to be Zoggs predator flex.

Zoggs Predator Flex on Amazon

Wetsuit – 2xu Velocity

I picked this up via an online sale on the 2xu’s outlet website.



CBD Cycles

Located in CBD Melbourne, CBD Cycles have been, and continue to be, a great support to me.  Great service, great prices, friendly, and helpful.

Visit website.

Time Trial Bike – Giant Trinity Composite 1 W (Women’s)

Women’s specific time trial bike.

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Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro Trainer

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Bitty Bracer Sports Bra

I’ve been a fan of Lululemon sports bras for a while, but I’m in heaven with this recently new one from Lululemon.    Also like the Ta Ta Tamer.

Bitty Bracer   

Bitty Bracer details

Brooks Addiction – Training Shoes

I was fitted for these probably 15 or more years ago, and I haven’t changed, just buying the new model when my old ones wear out.

Brooks Addiction on Amazon

Clothing – Lululemon and 2xu

I may or may not have an addiction to Lululemon.    I also have lots of 2xU clothing – their online outlet store is worth checking out.



GU Energy Gels

Vanilla for racing.     Mostly Vanilla  and Plain for training.  Occasional     chocolate or Espresso for a bit of variety.


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