Great Ocean Road Marathon 2015


Still buzzing (although my legs are reminding me that I ran a marathon on Sunday).  Fabulous weekend spent with friends new and old at the Great Ocean Road Marathon.  44km in 3:34:05.  Massive marathon PB of 3:20:11.  Half Marathon PB of 1:37:45.  First in my agegroup, 16th female, and 97th overall.  I went into it planning for it to be a good one, and it didn’t disappoint. Giggles pre race wearing throw away op shop jumpers. Sensational weather.  A stunning course.


It was to be the day when everything came together.   The time went quickly.  I smiled.  I remained positive.  There were some tougher parts, but for the most part I felt good.  To quote my coach, it was to be the day when I made myself accountable for all of my training and made it my day.

My previous best marathon time was 3:42 – set in an ironman 13 years ago.  My two standalone marathon times last year were 3:47 and 4:08.   I lost it mentally in both of these, so going into GOR remaining positive was my biggest focus.

I ran down the finish line with cheers from my (already finished) half marathoner friends already at the pub.  My time of 3:34 for 44km faster than any 42.2km I’d ever done.      Nailed it.

Judy Finish

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