First marathon ‘on its own’.

I have been so flat out with work this week I haven’t had the time or energy to update about my first marathon last weqekend.   I’ll get around to writing a report soon, but very briefly I did my first marathon ‘on its own’ at the Barossa marathon last weekend.   When I say ‘on its own’ I mean not as part of an ironman triathlon (although my last ironman was 11 years ago).
I ran 3:47.   It was hard and I blew up, walked and cried while out there.  I came down with a cold 3 days before the race and although I don’t think that ended up effecting me too much, it may not have helped.   Mostly I think I went out too hard.   I ran 1:41 for the first half, with a heart rate way over my marathon zone.   And in another stupid move I bought new shoes the week prior.   I went the same brand but went a lighter weight racing shoe.  I laced them up too tight and I think part of the reason I blew up was because my feet hurt.
Despite all of that though I’m happy with my time of 3:47.  I was targeting 3:30 (the ‘would be thrilled’ time) to 3:50 (the ‘happy to finish’ time) and considering I walked for a bit I’m pretty happy with my time.
Race report to follow soon.

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