Active parents = active children

I like to think that being involved in sport sets a good example for our children.  Although when Master C recently took to doing push-ups in a café, I did wonder if I’d taken things a bit too far!

Last tri season, my husband and I both did a few short races.  The kids came to watch them all, and so they know all about triathlon.

Recently, I took Master C for a ride on his bike to a nearby car park.  After riding for a little while, he said he needed to do a triathlon.   He ran around in circles ‘swimming’ with his arms.  Got on his bike and rode, then got off his bike, firstly running with it, before putting his bike down, taking off his helmet and going for a run.


The kids love to get into their ‘riding’ and ‘running’ clothes to suit the activity.  Initially they chose their bathers, but we’ve since found some mini cycling jerseys, and I bought some kids running t-shirts at a recent race I did.   I bought some dance tights as bike shorts and the outfits complete.  Master C has even taken to wearing long tights underneath his ‘bike shorts’ on the cooler days.

Although only 4.5 years old, Master C is itching to do a triathlon, so when I saw an ad at my local pool last Friday for an upcoming children’s duathlon, I asked if he’d like to do one, and he very excitedly said yes.  It consists of a 100m run, 500m bike, and 50m run.   The first age group is 5-6 years, and I did ring the coordinator of the race to check if it’s ok for a 4.5 year old to enter, and they were more than happy for him to have a go.   There’s a few clinics as part of the entry, which I’m sure he’ll enjoy too.  ‘Race’ date is Sunday 12th August.

This morning we had a great morning out doing various bits of various family training.  My husband took Master C for a bike ride to the park.  I took Miss C to the park in the double running pram, managing 10 minutes of running along the way before reaching the park.   My husband played at the park with the kids for about 20 minutes whilst I ran a big block, then we all went home.  Master C was pretty weary at this stage, so didn’t want to ride home, so I ran 10 minutes home, with 2 kids in the pram, and a bike balanced on the top of the pram.

Dropped the bike off at home, then continued for another 20 minutes with the kids in the pram to take my run up to 1 hour.   At about 1km away from home, Master C wanted to run, so he got out of the pram and ran the whole way home.  I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to complete the distance in the duathlon, and I think he’ll have lots of fun along the way.

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